понедельник, 31 января 2011 г.

Precious Baby Boy by Elo Designs

You may buy it in digital-crea.
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Kit True love and Stamp Frames by JR Studio13

This set includes 9 frames in two different styles. You may buy it in twolittlepixels.
 This wonderful Love kit includes: 15 papers, 46 elements and 9 WA. You can create with this kit amazing love pages and Valentine's cards. You may buy it in twolittlepixels.
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пятница, 21 января 2011 г.

... a walk down Memory Lane by Skute Design

Yesterday .. all my troubles seem so far away ...
Do you love to have a look in the past.
Remembering places and stories of your own childhood.
This kit will give you 12 paper and 69 elements to scrap that memories.
You may buy it in ASS or scrap-wishes or mdesignsscrap or scrapinsider or scrapbird.
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воскресенье, 16 января 2011 г.

Cherry Design CT Call

Her stores:
Some off her future products:

суббота, 15 января 2011 г.

My secret land by Rena Design

You may buy it in DMS.
And  Album QP "My secret land"
Buy it in DMS.
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пятница, 14 января 2011 г.

Evening Inspiration by Elo Designs

You may buy it wonderful kit in digital-crea.
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четверг, 13 января 2011 г.

We're All Mad Here by Shilo Designs with Jen Yurko

Shilo Designs and Jen Yurko have teamed up for the first time to bring you this wonderfully mad collab!
You may buy it in SDD.
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Outside my Window by Skute Design

Just have a look outside... do you see snow glistening and icicles and frozen solid lakes...
This kit is full of all that winter magic ...
You may buy it in ASS or mdesignsscrap or scrapbird.
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среда, 12 января 2011 г.

Le bleu de l'innocence by Cherry Design

You may buy it in DMS.
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And Freebie mask

понедельник, 10 января 2011 г.

Winter Holiday by Alla Designs

This kit contains 61 elements, 14 papers. All papers are with the .jpg format, 3600x3600,300Dpi. The elements are with the format.png, 300Dpi. Not all elements shown.
You may buy it in SDD.
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суббота, 8 января 2011 г.

Love Letter by Rena Design

You may buy it in DMS.
You may buy it in DMS
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четверг, 6 января 2011 г.

Blue Attic by Elo Designs

This kit includes 10 papers and more 90 elements.
You may buy it in digital-crea.
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понедельник, 3 января 2011 г.

Magic Moment kit by ViolaMoni

It contains:
-13 papers
-66 elements:
11 ribbons
8 flowers
8 buttons
7 strips word art
5 leaves
4 frames
4 diamonds
3 stars
2 bird's houses
2 little girls
1 heart
1 key
1 butterfly
...and many other beautiful things!! 
Everything is quality checked by me.
Papers are 3600x3600 px and everything is 300dpi resolution.
It contains some original elements.
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